Noul Normal în Urban – doc

lumea după pandemia COVID-19: ce “nu va mai fi la fel” – în Urbanism

Can our Cities come back from Covid? – PolicyExchange, 18.01

  • Lecture by Professor Ed Glaeser, Fred and Eleanor Glimp Professor of Economics, Harvard University to mark the relaunch of Policy Exchange’s Liveable London Unit.


Home Design for the Post-Covid-Pandemic Age – WSJ, 11.12
A ‘super porch’ will transform homes and neighborhoods, turning sidewalks from ghost towns into vital social scenes

Will Coronavirus Be the Death of Cities? Not So Fast – WSJ, 11.12
An urban expert on how the pandemic will give us a once-in-a-century opportunity to reinvent our cities, suburbs and rural areas. By Richard Florida

Technology’s Role in Bringing Cities Back to Life – 18.11

India’s Modi on Need for Smarter Cities Amid Pandemic – 17.11

How Will Covid-19 Remake Our Cities? – Bloomberg New Economy, 14.11

New Normal: 15 ways cities can emerge better than ever after COVID-19 – 6.10.20

The COVID CityIan GoldinRobert Muggah, 08.20

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has fallen hardest not just on cities but on poorer, overcrowded neighborhoods, lending further credence to the observation that, in today’s world, one’s post code determines one’s destiny. But could the pandemic lead to a more advanced and inclusive form of urbanism?

How the Coronavirus Recovery Is Changing Cities – Bloomberg CityLab, 22.06.20

Life after COVID: Europeans want to keep their cities car-free – 11.06.20

How Life in Our Cities Will Look After the Coronavirus Pandemic – Foreign Policy, 1.05.20

I Have Seen the Future—And It’s Not the Life We Knew – The Atlantic, 1.05.20

  • Cities around the world might slowly be coming back to life, but there’s no going back to “normal.”

How do you build a city for a pandemic? – BBC, 23.04.20

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