Noul Normal în Politic – doc

lumea după pandemia COVID-19: ce “nu va mai fi la fel” – în Politic/ Guvernare

Why the pre-Covid-19 normal is not good enough – Straits Times, 21.12

  • It shows how much more needs to be done to make a real difference. This includes not just reducing the use of fossil fuel but also developing greener and more sustainable energy sources and using them to power newer technology.
  • It is the same with tackling society’s inequality. The pandemic showed if nothing else that no one is safe unless everybody is, no matter who you are, what job you do and how much wealth you possess. Because everyone matters, you have to make sure all are taken care of and that the poorest and most vulnerable have a decent standard of living and access to basic needs such as healthcare and education.

Forget the New Normal: Let’s Head to an Inclusive Future – Rockfeller Foundation, 12.20

Why the Pandemic and Populism Still Work Together – CH, 24.11
Hopes that the pandemic would kill off populism in Europe were always optimistic, and the second wave is likely to definitively put an end to this idea.

Preparing Democracies for Pandemics – CFR, 20.11

Europe Doesn’t Want Lockdowns. It Wants Government. – FP, 6.11.20

  • The continent’s second wave of the coronavirus has produced angry protests against state overreach—and new demands for state help. By Caroline de Gruyter

The Rise of the COVID Dictatorships – FP, 16.10.20

The Pandemic and Political Order – FA, 7-8.20
It Takes a State. By Francis Fukuyama

Calea de la Covid-19 la un nou contract social. Pandemia le oferă liderilor mondiali o ocazie de a reconstrui încrederea în democrația liberală – 24.07.20

COVID-19: remaking the social contract – The Lancet, 2.05.20

Emergency Laws and Pandemic Power Grabs – 24.04.20

  • Hungarian free speech advocate Péter Krekó, Russian democracy advocate and HRF chairman Garry Kasparov, and Pulitzer-Prize winning author and The Atlantic columnist Anne Applebaum speak out on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s moves to consolidate power and rule by decree as the coronavirus spreads across Europe. They draw on their vast experience of documenting and challenging the Soviet Union to discuss how governments across the world are abusing emergency laws to grab power, and examine what citizens can do to fight back.

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Permanently Expand Government Powers – Foreign Policy, 16.04.20

Despre statul ”puternic” și statul ”slab” în perioada post-pandemie – Florin Bondar, 30.03.20

COVID 19, starea de urgență și tentația autoritarianismului – Scena9, 27.04.20

Virusul fascismului e la un clic distanță – PressOne, 30.03.20

COVID 19 și starea de urgență în epoca populismului – Scena9, 19.03.20

The rise of the bio-surveillance state – New Statesman, 25.03.20

  • A grim choice faces 21st-century societies: panopticons or pandemics?

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