Noul Normal în Social – doc

lumea după pandemia COVID-19: ce “nu va mai fi la fel” – în Social

Lifestyles after lockdown – report launch event – SITRA, 15.12

  • The COVID-19 health crisis has been a disruption of everyday life in Finland and across the world. While it has caused great damage, could it potentially also generate favourable long-term changes in our behaviour?

The Value of Inclusion for a Post-COVID-19 World – LSE, 27.11

COVID-19 puts societies to the test – The Lancet, 1.05.20

I Have Seen the Future—And It’s Not the Life We Knew – The Atlantic, 1.05.20

  • Cities around the world might slowly be coming back to life, but there’s no going back to “normal.”

Why it will be so hard to return to ‘normal’ – BBC, 24.04.20

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