Alegerile pentru Casa Albă 2020 – documentar

Trumpismul dincolo de Trump – Horia Blidaru, 4.11

O analiză „la cald” cu profesorul Alin Fumurescu, Universitatea din Houston: „E limpede că exista o uriașă discrepanță între lumea virtuală și cea reală. Iar lumea reală câștigă întotdeauna” – 4.11.20

Viziune din perspectiva Moldovei asupra alegerilor din SUA – DW, 4.11

2020 US Elections: Early Reflections on the Presidential Election – Chatham House, 4.11

Election 2020: America Votes – FP

  • FP’s round-the-clock coverage of the results as they come in, with short dispatches from correspondents and analysis from around the world – free for all readers.

Alegerile americane: Pennsylvania decide totul? – Barbu Mateescu, 2.11.20

Alegeri prezidențiale în Statele Unite: Cele 5 probleme principale – DW, 2.11.20

Statele Întortocheate ale Americii sau ce am învățat în două decenii de trăit “the American way” – Răzvan Sibii

Election 2020: What We’re Missing

  • Daily takes by leading global thinkers on the most important foreign-policy issues not being talked about during the campaign.

The World’s Election – FP, 16.10.20

  • Trump versus Biden is not just about the United States. The whole world is watching the Nov. 3 election to see how U.S. foreign policy may change in the coming months.

The Most Important Election. Ever. – FP, 25.09.20

  • Why the fate of the American republic—and the world—could depend on what happens Nov. 3. By Michael Hirsh

What Trump’s Near-Victory Means for Republican Foreign Policy – 5.11
This was no repudiation of Trumpism, making it harder for the party to heal and return to its strengths.

Free Trade Is Over – 5.11
Under a potential Biden administration, protectionism may be more targeted and subtle—but it isn’t going anywhere. By Edoardo Campanella

The Last Throes of Trump’s Wounded Alpha-Male Ego – 4.11.20
What Angela Merkel’s approach to a blustering incumbent can teach us about America’s political crisis today.

Note to U.S. Allies: America Will Remain Divided and Frustrating – 4.11.20

  • Biden’s ambitious domestic and international agenda will be stymied by a Senate the Democrats failed to win. By Daniel B. Baer

Historic U.S. Turnout Still Lags Behind Major Democracies – 3.11.20

Japan Worries About Four More Years of Trump—and About a Biden Presidency – 3.11.20

  • Neither U.S. presidential option is great for Tokyo.

If Trump Wins, America Could Look a Lot Like Bulgaria – FP, 3.11.20

  • Corruption, oligarchs, and media concentration have weakened Bulgarian democracy. By Ashira Morris

Misinformation Season Is Over – 2.11.20

  • The American public is already confused. China, Iran, and Russia may now get more creative with their election meddling. By Elisabeth Braw

If Biden Wins, Progressives Are Getting Their Wish List Ready – 2.11.20

  • Internecine tensions within the Democratic Party have been tamped down to defeat Trump—but that truce could be over Wednesday. By Colum Lynch

On Election Eve, Economists Struggle to Figure Out a World That’s Unraveled – FP, 31.10.20

  • Both Trump and Biden are winging it when it comes to economic theory—but so are economists, who have yet to get their theoretical house in order. By Michael Hirsh

Election Violence in the United States Is a Clear and Present Danger – FP, 29.10.20

  • Americans expect election-related instability in faraway countries. Here’s how it could happen at home. By Daniel Byman, Colin P. Clarke

How Does it Feel for 2020 to Be Your Generation’s Defining Year? – FP, 28.10.20

  • Young Americans will be voting in huge numbers. They are also the most globally minded generation since the 1970s. By Spencer Kaplan, Peter Feaver

Cybersecurity and U.S. Election Infrastructure – 27.10.20

  • FROM FP ANALYTICS: Beyond countering disinformation, officials and individuals must up their games to secure critical infrastructure from mounting cyber threats

70 Is the New 50 for World Leaders – FP, 27.10.20

  • It’s neither a coincidence, nor a problem, that both candidates for America’s highest office are so old. By Jack A. Goldstone

Washington’s Foreign Diplomats Frozen Out by Team Biden – FP, 26.10.20

  • Biden’s foreign-policy gatekeepers tell diplomats to hold their calls—until they’re in charge. By Colum Lynch, Robbie Gramer

Here’s How the 2020 U.S. Elections Resemble Those of Fragile Democracies – 24.10.20

  • A veteran observer of elections in troubled countries describes the undeniable parallels. By Eric Bjornlund

There’s Still Time (Barely) for America to Have a Free and Fair Election – FP, 23.10.20

  • Some hard-won active advice for staging a national vote during a pandemic. By Marietje Schaake

Trump, Not Biden, Wrecked American Power in the Pacific – FP, 23.10.20

Asian Nationalists Hold the Key to a More Effective U.S. China Strategy – FP, 23.10.20

  • Missing in the current U.S. debate on China is the question of Asian nationalism and how the United States could profitably align with it. By C. Raja Mohan

Trump and Biden Are Both Touting Foreign-Policy Failures as Achievements

  • With the world on fire from Thailand to Nigeria, there wasn’t much talk of international affairs in the final debate of the 2020 campaign—and when there was, both candidates defended flawed approaches to North Korea. By Emma Ashford, Matthew Kroenig

Poll: How Biden and Trump Differ on Foreign Policy – FP, 22.10.20

What Would a Less Europhobic Trump Look Like—if He Wins? – FP, 22.10.20

  • Transatlantic relations are at a low point. But there are reasons why even Trump might want to mend them. By Bruce Stokes

The Realist Case for the Non-Realist Biden – FP, 21.10.20

  • Trump’s foreign-policy instincts might be more sound—but he has forfeited the chance to lead. By Stephen M. Walt

Start Preparing for the Coming Debt Crisis – FP, 20.10.20

  • The global financial crisis was just the prelude to what could be coming next. The next administration better be ready. By Dambisa Moyo

America Needs To Talk About a China Reset – FP, 19.10.20

  • Biden and Trump are debating who is the bigger China hawk. Instead, the next administration should learn from the Cold War to defuse the rivalry. By Robert D. Kaplan

Americans Are Officially Giving Up on Democracy – FP, 16.10.20

  • New polling shows that a growing share of U.S. citizens want leaders who wouldn’t “bother with” elections. By Michael Albertus, Guy Grossman

The United States Isn’t Doomed to Lose the Information Wars – FP, 16.10.20

  • China and Russia are ramping up their disinformation campaigns in the lead-up to the November vote. It’s time for Washington to fight back. By Doowan Lee

Trump’s Foreign-Policy Adventures Haven’t All Flopped – FP, 14.10.20

For all the chaos, the Trump administration has notched some notable victories abroad. The question is whether they outweigh everything else Trump brought to Washington—and the world. By Robbie Gramer

The United States Needs a Red Team to Protect the Election – FP, 15.10.20

  • Adversaries are trying to undermine U.S. democracy. Hackers and regular citizens must identify weaknesses and make the system resilient in the face of cyberthreats. By Elisabeth Braw

What Joe Biden Wants – FP, 15.10.20

  • An inside preview of the foreign-policy vision, and instincts, of the potential 46th president of the United States.

The Real Divide in America Is Between Political Junkies and Everyone Else – NY Times, 20.10.20

US Foreign Policy Priorities – Chatham House, 15.10.20

The unprecedented White House race – Chatham House, 5.10.20

  • Rachel Kleinfeld paints a worrying picture for the impending presidential poll as democracy in the US shows signs of warping under increasing pressures

FT: Promisiunea şi limitele lui Joe Biden / Aliaţii SUA trebuie să fie prudenţi, dar mulţumiţi – 6.11

Alegerile prezidenţiale americane nu vor fi câştigate, ci pierdute. Asta înseamnă că problemele Americii şi ale lumii vor continua – Valentin Naumescu, 21.10.20

Alegeri SUA 2020. Cum s-a descurcat Donald Trump cu 5 dosare-cheie din Orientul Mijlociu – Cătălin Gomboș, 17.10.20

Guvernul SUA încheie anul fiscal cu un deficit record de peste 3.000 de miliarde de dolari – 17.10.20

Banii trec la stânga: Amazon, Alphabet şi Microsoft îi finanţează campania lui Joe Biden şi se pregătesc de o victorie a democraţilor – 1.10.20

America’s generation game – 1.04.20

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